Gaea Creative’s new platform for creative kids and their family.

With these workshops, we combine our passion for creativity, imagination and design with our belief in sustainability. They offer a safe space for fun and creativity starting from 6 year old’s that can inspire and learn from one another. The workshops will host a maximum of 6/8 kids so time can be spent getting to know each of them and seeing where their creative interests lie.

Our goal is to give the kids a chance to come up with their own ideas, helping to increase their emotional intelligence and develop a better understanding of themselves.

The activities are based on the process of art and the ‘imperfect’ way we can have fun playing with.

Craft and design based activities help develop confidence and encouraging the children to discover a passion for inventiveness.

 By following our philosophy of slow living and spending quality time together with the ones you love, Gaea Creative workshops is our own way of sharing essential creative skills.

 Our aim is to inspire kids to work on fun and imaginative projects, to lose track of time spending an afternoon crafting and being spontaneous!